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Standard Appointments:

  • Private   $81
  • HealthCare Holders   $56
  • Pensioners   $48

If you are a new patient to this practice you will require a long consultation $ 146.00 (Private)

Antenatal Appointments:

Private, Healthcare cards and Pensioners

  • Initial consultation   $150
  •  Subsequent visits   $96

Prescriptions and Referral requests:

  • Ordinary Prescriptions  $15
  • Authority Prescriptions  $25

Referral requests without a Doctors appointment in the last 6 – 8 weeks $15

We are a Private Practice and do not bulk bill.

All Accounts must be settled in Full on the day of your appointment, by either cash, eftpos or cheque.  Accounts are able to be sent directly to Medicare for claiming, please ensure Medicare have your bank details for prompt payments.

This is an approximate schedule of fees.  Individual doctors charges may vary from this account.